Happy St Valentines Day!

Have you noticed how everything gets red on Valentine’s day? Red, like no other colour, evokes temptation and passion thoughts. It’s not just the colour of power strength and energy, it’s also the colour of love.

We have these associations with red because of the certain historical events and now they are basically passed from parents to children genetically. Recently, scientists have conducted an experiment, showing men photos of the same girl in white and red dresses and asked “which girl is ready for a romantic relationship?” And the majority answered “the girl in red”.

Red colour in clothing is most often chosen by active, emotional people who know how to set goals and achieve them. This is the favourite colour of optimists and people who consider themselves happy. In addition, red is the colour of leadership.

Red dress is perfect for a romantic date on Valentine’s Day. On this occasion, I’ve created several outfits, which the models Irina Nikulina, Anna and the Ramonna duet have demonstrated. Thanks to the photographer for the beautiful photos!